Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The New Treatment Plan

The modern world is a very complicated place. Ned and I ended up yesterday with headaches trying to put together airline schedules, Frequent Flyer plans, FM2 renewal procedures, doctor's schedules, treatment options, holidays and who knows how many other variables. It is too complicated to try to explain so I'll just cut to the bottom line. The Oncologist thinks Ned is doing great but as a safety precaution he has recommended that Ned have a few more chemo treatments. Ned will start them a little later this month and have two or three treatments on a three week cycle. We'll be doing a lot of traveling between now and the end of the year but all the news so far is good.

By the way, the picture isn't Houston. It is beside a country road near San Miguel de Allende. Don't you just love the wild zinnias?


Steve Cotton said...

Some modern inconveniences are worth their weight in security. I am beginning to understand that.

Tina said...

Yes they are lovely! There are surprises in the countryside here.

Good news from the doctor is well...GOOD news!

Travel safely, and don't forget to stop and
smell the "roses" in whatever shape and
form they may take.

Onward to continued healing!

DanaJ said...

Like the sign on Shepherd Drive says:

"Fly High Little Bunny".

Diane said...

Can't the actual treatments be administered in SMA for convenience. My friend who has had cancer went to the best hospitals in NYC, got diagnosed, had surgery and then had chemo administered in a much smaller hospital near home. Would that be possible for Ned?

Billie said...

Diane, it might be possible for the treatments to be administered in Queretaro or SMA. If we were facing a long series of sessions, we might think about that. Right now the plan is that before Christmas, the treatments will be done and we will be back to just enjoying our lives full-time in SMA. Thank you for the suggestion.

Sam and Bob said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You guys have the right attitude.

I love the flowers. Is this what it looks like in SMA after the rainy season? How beautiful!!

Calypso said...

Glad to read good news - I don't envy the flying but it speeds things up I suppose. Be safe and have fun you two - that is what life is all about.