Monday, October 05, 2009

The Grace Museum, Abilene

Abilene, Abilene
Prettiest town I ever seen.
Folks down there don't treat you mean
In Abilene, my Abilene.

I've been thinking about this 1960s song this past week. The Grace Museum in Abilene, Texas, opened an exhibition of prints from Texas photographers that were included in Alice and Bill Wright's photography collection that has been donated to the museum. I knew that Bill and Alice, who are photographers as well as collectors, had a number of my prints in their collection but I didn't know that one of my prints would be in the Grand Opening Exhibition for the Wright Photography Gallery. Judy Deaton curated the inaugural exhibition. I was so pleased when one of my friends who attended the opening photographed my image on the wall.

The image wasn't made in Abilene. It was made in the Old Sixth Ward in Houston, Texas. It makes me feel good to know that another print or two of mine are in a place where they will be archivally cared for.


glorv1 said...

Congratulations and rightfully so. All your work is to be admired. I really love older homes like the one you have here. It reminds me of one of the homes they have in the historical musuem in San Jose, CA. Thx for sharing.

Brenda said...


Babs said...

Folks, this woman is SO modest. The other day at a party the host referred to Billie as the best photographer in the world. Our dear Billie blushed and stammered. He asked where some of her work was and she mumbled a few places.
Hey Billie, if it's true, it's not bragging. That's an old Texas saying.......and you are the BEST! I'm thrilled you're now in Abilene.

DanaJ said...

This great news makes me want to drive over to Abilene and walk around the Grace. That looks like a lovely place for your work.

I like the town of Abilene, Texas.
Great weather, big sky, good folks.

Buffalo Gap (10 miles outside of Abilene) has been named the sister city of the East End of Houston. 2 great places to retire.
Oops, sorry for the spam.

Alfredo said...

G√ľau, felicidades. Must be quite an honor to have a print in the exhibition, something I won't ever feel.

Billie said...

Thanks Guys. It is an honor especially to be in the collection with some really wonderful Texas photographer.

Dana....I've been to Buffalo Gap. Had lunch there one day and saw the jail house museum.

Sam and Bob said...

Congratulations!! I tell everyone how lucky we are to have met you. You are one talented lady!!

1st Mate said...

More evidence that your place in posterity is secured. Such talent deserves acknowledgement. It's got to feel good to know your work is being collected by people who know and practice photography.