Monday, August 17, 2009

Crab Salad

Total decadence! A crab salad with huge lumps of crab meat. That is what I made for dinner tonight. I didn't have to pick the crab. I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg, not even a nickel or peso for the crab. The Chef, Son #2, gave me a quart container of luscious lump crab meat. Tonight I put together some simile of a remoulade sauce. I didn't have a recipe so I mixed "stuff" until I had something that I thought tasted good with crab. Might not have been a real remoulade sauce but it was good.

Tomorrow night I'll figure out a recipe for a cream of poblano corn soup with crab.....if I don't sneak so many "bites" of the crab that there isn't enough left for the soup.


Steve Cotton said...

Looks great. I missed lunch and dinner today. (Jiggs is having problems.) I am about to head to bed hungry. A bit of that crab would hit the spot.

Babs said...

Well honey, you sure know how to hurt a girl away from the water. First lobster and now crab meat, my second favorite!


Sure looks good.

Billie said...

Steve, you've gotta eat and keep up your strength to help Jiggs.

Babs, Not trying to hurt you but when in Houston just gotta take advantage of gulf coast seafood.