Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Right to Bear Arms

Just because the constitution give us the right to bear arms, is it "right" to do it anywhere?

This week seeing a man in a crowd outside the building where the President of the United States was making a speech walking around with an assault rife was chilling. But let's take the politics out of it. What if someone was walking around the crowded Houston International Festival with an assault rifle, how would I know if this was someone just "exercising" their constitutional right or a deranged man about to start shooting in a crowd of men, women and children?


pitchertaker said...

RUN! Yes, run, constitutional rights or no.

Anonymous said...

These people are crazies, and they are being whipped into a froth by not only the right mouthpieces but also by politicians making thinly veiled, false accusations against this administration and the proposed reforms. If health care reform gets close to being passed I will wager that there will be some political figure assassinated or at least an attempt. If and when that happens they should hold the Limbaughs and Palins of this country culpable. Wait. That's too political. Nevermind. Nothing to see here. Go on about your business.

son #3 (the vegetarian one from the left side of life)

Anonymous said...

As a wanderer besotted with San Miguel, I happily discovered your blog several days ago. This post addressed a vital issue that encouraged me to be a participant rather than simply a "lurker". I am stunned that people are being allowed to flaunt weapons in the proximity of President Obama. Do you recall that President Bush was so insulated / protected that protesting citizens were relegated to free speech zones located miles away from him? His hand-picked audiences were carefully screened. Can you imagine what fate would have befallen anyone carrying a weapon with Bush nearby? WHOEVER is officially responsible for the safety of our President (Secret Service? Apparently not!) is blatantly failing in their duty. This phenomenon is frightening and absurd. No weapons should be allowed near any President anytime, anywhere. Please pray for the safety of President Obama and his family.

Babs said...

It's ludicrous.

Steve Cotton said...

No constitutional right is absolute. The second amendment is subject to the same analysis as the first amendment, and with many of the same restrictions. We should be careful, though, when we start restricting any of those rights. That is how we ended up with American citizens of Japanese ancestry in concentration camps. And that was done by men who are otherwise celebrated for their commitment to civil rights. As always, Billie, you have raised a good point.