Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've been seeing RED.

First it was this watch with an imitation red leather band. I've been wearing a cheapie watch for several years. It actually didn't have much shine left on it, the face is so scratched I can't see what time it is and then it stopped running. Probably needs a new battery but since I'm in the shopping capital of Texas, I decided to get a new watch. You can't believe how many places I've looked for a watch. It has been a quest. Usually when I need an item, I go find something that will do the job, I buy it and the shopping is done. This time I saw this watch and it had a big white face with black numbers and it had a red band but I didn't want a "leather" band. They wear out even faster than the pretend gold band. But this bold face and red band kept coming back to me. After looking for about three months, I finally gave in to the red band. It is very stylish don't you think?

The next red was devoured tonight. We had lobster. I love lobster. Ned use to make me a lobster dinner for special occasions but while we have been in Mexico we haven't found live lobster. Even here in the USA the lobster prices have been exorbitant. But because there is a new HEB grocery store in competition with a Kroger store across the street, the price war gave us a window of lobster for $5.99/lb. We did run into a little problem with cooking the lobsters. The apartment we are renting is furnished and the biggest pot isn't that big. We had to cook them one at a time and push them down into the boiling water. I kept thinking about Julie from the movie Julie & Julia when the lobsters "kicked" the lid off the pot. Not happening in my kitchen. I held the lid on until all was calm. Didn't he turn out a beautiful color. I relished every bite.

Someone once told me that red is a power color. I don't know if that is true or not but I love the color red. Back when I was working I loved wearing red....and it did make me feel good....maybe even powerful.


1st Mate said...

All power to you, amiga! I like the watch, I think you'll get a kick out of it.

Mexico Cooks! said...

Billie! Fabulous red photos, thanks.

The depth of field in the watch photo is amazing.

Big hugs to you both,


Calypso said...

Yes red is a power color - supposedly. But it let Tiger down yesterday. I guess red and incredible skill work - almost always ;-)

Babs said...

I LOVE red! AND I love the addition lobster is my favorite food of all times.
You're going on all cylinders my friend......
And as little as you are, you're always a powerhouse!
I need a wallet. I looked in about 6 stores today - I HATE shopping. Nothing. I'll look at the tianguis manana. Maybe I'll find red!

jennifer rose said...

No, no, no. I have dibs on red. You can't have red; it's mine. You will have to settle for another color.

But the lobster is all yours.

DanaJ said...

Finally, women that don't like to shop. Where have you been all my life?

Billie said...

Jennifer, I'm sorry but I've got red now and I'm not giving it up.
DanaJ, Babs doesn't like to "shop" but you should see all the great folkart she has bought. LOL
Cristina, I was using 24-105 f4 lens on the camera and had it out to 105. That will really shorten the DOF.
And to the rest of you, I am powerfully loving the watch.

Marie-Louise Avery said...

Love the watch - and the lobster - thanks for stopping by thePictureKitchen blog!