Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bread and Groceries

Guess who the baker is? Not me. Ned made this loaf of bread and it is crusty and has a wonderful texture. Susanne has been telling me that she had the easiest bread recipe in the world and she is right. And here is the No knead recipe that she had from the New York Times. You can even watch a video on making the loaf.

At any rate Suzanne and John showed us how to finish the loaf one evening and then to prove how simple it is John insisted that Ned should start the next one. So while John read the ingredients, Ned put them together and we brought the bowl of bread dough home to rest/rise for about 12 hours. The next day, Ned finished it off and put it in the oven. So you can call him 'Ned, the bread baker' from now on.

I like whole wheat bread so I found another no knead recipe in the New York Times that has whole wheat and rye flour and I'll have the 'Bakerman' give it a try as soon as I find the flour.

We had another busy week but tonight we are staying home and I'm cooking. I was thinking about what would be good and I remembered that I had a large slice of smoked ham in freezer. Suddenly my mouth was watering for ham, potato salad and baked beans. I know, not a Mexican dinner but it sure sounded good to me. I mentioned it to Ned and he agreed. So off I went to the San Juan de Dios Mercado. The veggies were not any problem but the beans were.

I must have stopped in seven little tiendas for canned Frijoles Bayos. Hey, I'm not going to find canned baked beans in my neighborhood so I figured that these might be as close as I could come. I think with a little bacon, catsup, onion, brown sugar, mustard and a few spices I can whip up a Mexican version of Boston baked beans. But first I had to find some cans of frijoles bayos enteros. Everywhere, even the smallest tienda, had frijoles bayos refritoes but no enteros. It took some seaching but I finally found a can.

To gather the ingredients for tonight's dinner, I walked several blocks to the mercado. I stopped at two vegetable stands, about seven tiendas that sold some canned goods, another store for queso ranchero. The food stalls in the mercado were busy with Sunday customers. Dogs wandered through the mercado. Some dads were buying their kids the latest new toy which is two balls that clank together on a string. I don't get it but the kids obviously do. I heard the bells ringing at the Parroquia and thought about walking into town to see what was happening since it sounded like the welcoming bells for a procession to the church. I stared at the Jacaranda trees still in glorious bloom. Then I walked home carrying my groceries. I love this life.

Food, wine, bread and a little exercise....what more could I ask.


Nancy said...

Billie, the bread looks wonderful, I think I need to give it a try. Maybe before it gets too warm here for the oven!

Oh, I was talking to my son Adam in Mexico City yesterday, he had just flown in from a business trip and said Mexico City looked purple from the sky with all the jacarandas in bloom.

glorv1 said...

It does sound very nice, your life that is. The bread looks very good and I like making those types of breads. I haven't for a while, but I'm tempted now before it starts warming up. You know though, even when it gets hot here, if I feel like making bread, I do. I mean I make tortillas in hot weather, why not bread. Have a great week Billie. Tell your husband he did a great job.

Islagringo said...

The gloriousness of this post went flying out the window for me and turned to anger by one little sentence. Part of it reads "two balls that clank together on a string".

These toys were banned and then recalled in the USA several years ago. They were responsible for countless numbers of broken wrists on children and are not safe at all. Now we know where all the recalled ones were sent.

Sorry for the soap box but I get sick of recalled items and expired canned goods being shipped down here to the unsuspecting citizens.

Joan said...

That shopping routine seems to be the norm in Mexico, go to several stores to get everything on the list. Here, we go to one gigantic store that has nothing but groceries with brand after brand after brand. Too many choices here, not enough there.

The bread looks great by the way, inspirational even.

The Bloom Girls said...

Hi Billie,
There is nothing quite like a loaf of warm crusty bread with a little olive oil for dipping and a nice glass of red wine!

I love your blog. San Miguel is one of my favorite places to visit so I reading it brings back many fond memories.

Thank you!
Nola Harris
The Bloom Girls
Nashville, TN