Friday, March 20, 2009

The Great Procrastinator

In business I was a bit of a procrastinator but most of the time figured that it was better to go ahead and make a decision and if it didn't work out, I'd fix it later. In personality profiles I was never the thinker, or the people person or whatever. I was the driver. I don't know what has happened to me in retirement but I'm not a driver anymore. I'm more like the Great Procrastinator.

Last year was the first year for The Solo Photography Book Month (SoFoBoMo). SoFoBoMo requires that you choose a 'fuzzy' 31 contiguous days out of a set two month period and you make a book of 35 photographs. All the work on the book needs to be done in that 31 day period, photography, text, design, whatever.....a whole book. I knew about it last year but procrastinated until it was too late to do it. I didn't even sign up but last year 170 people signed up and 60 of them ended up with finished books.

I think every photographer dreams about publishing a book and now with electronic publishing and print-on-demand, it is truly a possibility. Last year sixty people proved it could be done and done in a month.

I ask myself why didn't I sign up last year. Oh I have reasons like it wasn't a convenient time to do a book. I don't have design software and I'm not very fond of Blurbs Booksmart software. I wanted to use the Holga camera but it is hard to get 35 good images and scan and process them in 30 days. And so the list went. I think it can all be summed up as fear. I have a strong inner-critic who expects perfection in my photography and I was afraid I'd fail to produce a 'Masterpiece.'

Well, this year I'm sticking my neck out although the inner-critic is saying, "No, no, don't tell anybody. You will be embarrassed if you don't finish a photography book. Look how hard it is going to be during May and June. That is when you go back to Texas. What subject matter can you possibly choose where you can make 35 good images to put in a book when you aren't going to be in one place. Besides that, even if you finish, the book may be so bad you may want to hide it under the bed."

I know, I know, I heard all of this last year. But I'm announcing on Billieblog, I'm doing SoFoBoMo this year. Okay, I'm committed!

Readers, take a look at the SoFoBoMo website. Everything is there, the rules, why you should do it and you can take a look at the books that were produced in 2008. Want to join me? Or maybe you could tell your photographer friends. I think I'm the first one signing on from Mexico but I hope I'm not the only one.


Jonna said...

What a great concept. I can't wait to see your book.

glorv1 said...

I think it is a great idea and I'm rooting for you. I would imagine that since you can't start any earlier than May 1, you are now going through your portfolio (s) to see which photo's you'll be using? Remember you have until June 30 midnight to have it ready:)))) I can hardly wait. I'm adding it to my favorites so I can keep tabs on it. Good luck. Oh, today is my 300th post. Great day in the blogland. bye now.

Billie said...

Gloria, the scary part is that ALL of the photos have to be made during the 31 day period. Can't use old portfolios. That would be easy.

glorv1 said...

Oh my goodness. You can do it Billie. I mean you take photos just about every day. Get on it and you will succeed. I'm rooting for you.

pitchertaker said...

You're braver than me. Last year I was right in the middle of editing my "spring break" images and making them into a small book which I printed and bound myself. I just can't get my head around POD books and the process it requires -- too much loss of control for me. Ellen says I'm a "process freak" -- not sure how that differs from a "control freak". All that said, if I were in San Miguel, what with all the constant this and that the Mexicans celebrate, I think I could easily do a SoFoBoMO project. Maybe now's the time for your "tienda" project. Good luck.

Joan said...

This is quite the project! You will be doing nothing but taking pictures during this time, have your take-out menus handy. Wow. It will be fun.

My advice is to choose a goal that is attainable and fun. For example, 35 photos of things that begin with M, rather than 35 perfect photos. I mean, I already know that your photos will be perfect.

Can't wait!!

Donna said...

OK, You've got me intrigued. I'm considering doing this myself. It would be great discipline.

I' really looking forward to seeing what you put together, Billie, knowing it will be well worth the looking.

Also, I'm selfishly hoping Deb Hall will go for it, too. Selfishly, because I also love her images AND her usual subject matter. I know she reads you. Are you listening, Deb?

The Bloom Girls said...

Hello Billie!

This sounds so exciting! I also have a love of photography and take a ton of pictures. I am definitely going to investigate this and see if it is something I could do! I am looking forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you better!



spepin said...

Hi Billie,

I am also in Mexico (Querétaro) and took the pledge today, oh my..

A personal commitment I would say but one that is feasable so let pull up our sleeves and open the imagination machine to meet this wonderful challenge... yep, what have I done now...!

Good luck to both of us!

Billie said...

Spepin, I went to your blog. Are you moving to Queretaro?

Love your blog. I like to cook too.

And I like your Sofobomo project. Yes, indeed, good luck to both of us.

spepin said...


Yes I am moving back to Querétaro,MX for a longer stay this time (3 years and more). I stayed there for 20 months, one year ago exactly.

I will follow your project for sure.

Billie said...

Spepin, That is wonderful. Let me know when you settle in. We come to Queretaro sometime to shop. Perhaps we could meet up for a cup of coffee.

Kate I said...

Way to go Billie! Way to commit! Way to jump in and "just do it"! I think it's great that you're throwing perfectionism/fear out the window.

I'm going to sign up too now that I know it doesn't start until May. I thought it began this month and knew I'd have to be completely crazy to do that while I'm packing, moving and looking for a new place to live, although it would have made for an interesting theme!

I have 3 books in varying stages of development with is almost finished so I hope to send it off in a week or so. It will be interesting to see what the colour and quality are like.