Sunday, September 21, 2008

Twisted, Tangled, Jumbled

To me the financial situation of the last few days is twisted, tangled and jumbled. I wonder if we will ever get it untwisted, untangled and unjumbled.


Steve Cotton said...

Billie -- I suspect most people are in my situation. I know I should know far more about macro-economics than I do. I try to keep up, but the basics seem to get more complicated. What I do know is that we need to be very wary of politicians who know no more than we do. When Senator Reid recently said the he simply did not understand what was happening, he was a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, we will end up with a political answer that will most likely not resolve the underlying issues. But, Americans are good at recovering -- even if it takes time to do so.

glorv1 said...

Well hopefully we will, but there are people who twisted, tangled and jumbled and thats even worse. Lets hope the new year brings better results. It could be worse. I know though how you fee.