Monday, September 22, 2008

Gray Skies and More Gray Skies

The weather is......tiresome. We have had days and days of gray skies. This morning it was heavily overcast, now it is misting rain and it is cool. Last night it was cool and damp enough that we had a fire in the fireplace. It felt cozy. This time of year we usually have blue, blue skies, warm days and cool nights.

My resident weather man, Ned, can't find a weather station or site on the internet that gives more than a "forecast." We really would like to get a weather report like you can in the USA that shows the fronts as they move through so maybe we can understand what is happening that keeps us stuck in this unusual weather pattern.

The weekend was quiet. Starting on Thursday we met friends for a drink and then ended up at The Restaurant for a light dinner. Friday night we went to an event in the campo and while there we met a couple who are about to start a re-do on our street. Saturday night we stayed home because I wanted to see a CNN program featuring five former Secretaries of State. Sunday we met friends at Don Felix restaurante so we could have another round of his delicious Chiles en Nogada. He said he will only be serving them another couple of weeks. I'll have to have them at least one more time. Because of the dreary weather today, I was not inclined to head out to Yoga but I forced myself out the door. It was just what my mind and body needed. Afterward I had coffee with Jean and then went shopping for some groceries. Along the way I met another couple of friends and stopped to chat.

The image was made at the San Juan de Dios Mercado. I looked up and liked the way the light was coming through and reflecting off of the stalls. It is another one of my images that is about the graphics and shapes.


jennifer rose said...

Billie, only you could look up at closed market stalls and see something other than steel doors and a tin roof. Looking at your photography is like seeing the world through magic glasses.

All right, what did you do to make this photograph what it is?

islagringo said...

Cheer up. The sun will return along with bright blue skies. Sounds like a nice weekend, no matter what the weather!

Carlos Ponce-Melendez said...

I think yoy are living la vida loca

Erika Sidor said...

I love this photo. Love it!

Billie said...

Jennifer, Thank you and you too Erika. Actually it is just a photo I made with the little Canon G9. Took it into PS, cropped, burned the edges, sharpening and a bit of saturation. And Jennifer, I wish I could have magic eyes all of the time.

Anonymous said...

Billie, have Ned try Weather Underground, Central America. They have good satelite and other map data of Mexico. It shows SMA clear and cool right now but with rain to the S. with a clockwise flow. Your weather could be worse.

Recovering from Ike,

Bill O.

glorv1 said...

I think that is a beautiful photo. I love the colors and the light seeping through. Your great with a camera. By the way, please excuse my errors in my last comment.

Mexico Cooks! said...

I agree with Bill O. is as close as I can come to an actual view of weather systems in Mexico.

If you go to the site, type in San Miguel de Allende Mexico in the city search field. I keep Morelia bookmarked on my favorites.

You'll be able to see a list of any tropical systems forming or active. You can watch the systems by radar or satellite.

As to forecasts, Weatherunderground does a more accurate job with Mexican weather than any other weather site.

And as an old and pretty much unreformed hippie, I love the site name.


Alfredo said...


I never ever never would have thought of taking a picture of "láminas". Your picture looks so cool. I guess you do "open" your eyes you were special glasses? lol...I love the picture and enjoy lighting your chimenea. I guess in Guanajuato is not too often to do so.



Cynthia said...

I have that local weather station in favorites -- the people with the beautiful house in the campo. I love all their charts too. I find their temps to be different than other stations reporting SMA weather. I have made an assumption that they are more accurate when it comes to our weather in SMA proper. What is your opinion?

I agree that the in-motion weather map at is great for seeing storms heading that way, but like Ned, I wish there was a place where we could get detail on highs and lows.

Looks like your cloudy, cool weather continued through yesterday. I was noticing the high humidity and thought it must be misting off and on.

Hope the sun comes out for you today. After weather almost destroyed us in Houston, we are now seeing some of the best ever. Still a half million without power with Center Point alone, so good weather is needed to get all those lines back up.