Monday, September 01, 2008

Taste Tests - Chiles en Nogada

It is that time of year again.....time for the traditional Mexican Independence Day dish of Chiles en Nogada. A couple of years ago I wrote about them here.

The poblanos are looking great in the mercado and the pomegranates are available too. Last week I had Chiles en Nogada twice.

First taste test was at the restaurant at the Quinto Loreto Hotel. They were very good. Next I tried Don Felix at Fray Juan de San Miguel #15 in Colonia San Rafael. The picture above was the chile at Don Felix. These were excellent. Stuffed full of a wonderful meat, fruit and nut mixture. The walnut sauce was just perfect.

At a dinner party I also had a wonderful chile relleno filled with the same spicy-fruity meat mixture but it was smothered in a smokey roasted tomato sauce.

I'm still craving Chiles en Nogada. Tell me about the best ones you have eaten.


glorv1 said...

That dish looks absolutely delicious. I have a cookbook of Frida's recipes and that definitely is one of them. I will have to try it some time. Great picture.

islagringo said...

I would love to tell you but I have never had them! I don't think they are very common here in the Yucatan. Or at least not on the island. Would love to try them sometime.

Billie said...

Thanks Glorv1.
Isla Gringo, it really is a traditional Mexican Independence Day dish. The colors of the Mexican poblano, white walnut sauce and red pomegrante seeds. Of course, the Yucatan has its own wonderful cuisine.