Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Small World Story

Three years ago I wrote about a Small World story. Three years ago? Oh, my time does fly! At any rate it was about one of those moments when someone says something and your mind makes a connection that just doesn't seem possible but it is. Well I've just had another one that is quite similar.

Mexico Bob and I were having a little email chat when he wrote that his wife's family had a second home in San Miguel in our Colonia. Boing! boing! boing! Mexico Bob is from Irapuato. A family from Irapuato built a new house on our street near us about a year and a half ago. So I asked a few questions. Yes, it is true. Mexico Bob is my a distant kind of way.

The house in the image above isn't THE house. Instead it is a guest house at the monastary near Atotonilco. But the blog has been without a photo for too long and it is A house if not THE house.


jennifer rose said...

It’s like the odds over the minimum number of people in a room required for two to share the same birthday.

Several years ago, a long-time e-mail pal of mine mentioned that his brother was visiting Morelia. He forwarded snippets of his brother’s correspondence to me, in which his brother had described where he was staying. “It is sort of professional hippie Sausalito type place, up in the hills behind the zoo and past the botanical garden,” he wrote. Now, I think I know Morelia, or at least my side of town, fairly well, and nothing fit that description. I forgot about it – until my friend mentioned several months later that his brother was on the faculty at Boston University School of Public Health. Ka-ching! My neighbor across the street was visiting faculty there for a couple of years. His brother had been staying with them and directly across from my house – which is nowhere near the zoo. What he thought was a botanical garden was the water treatment plant. And hardly resembles Sausalito.

islagringo said...

You are so funny sometimes! (insert picture of person laughing here. Not me, but just a picture of somebody laughing!) LOL!