Thursday, June 05, 2008

More on the Drug War

The same day that I wrote, What About the Drug Wars? Nancy of Countdown to Mexico blog wrote Mexico's War on Drugs. And what is strange is that we wrote these two blog entries within an hour of each other. But those things happen on the internet.

But what I really want to bring to your attention is Steve Cotton's blog, Same Life--New Location. I want to bring it to your attention because I'm adding his blog to my South of the Border blog roll and because Steve is writing a multi-part and very thoughtful essay about Mexico, the USA and Drugs. You can read it here.


jennifer rose said...

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks for the plug, Billie. But I want to make certain people take a look at the comments, as well. The people who have posted comments have some very interesting insights on this very complex -- and complicated -- issue. I will most likely post a post script on Friday evening.

Billie said...

Steve, I did read the comments early on but I need to go back and see what has been added.

Jennifer, as usual your blog makes me see things in a different way.

Nancy said...

Hey Billie,

You know what - we might have written our posts at the exact same time - since I think you are an hour later than us on the coast!

Funny, isn't it?


Billie said...

Nancy.....I hadn't thought about that but we probably did write them about the same time. The blogsphere is a very strange place at times. But then on the other hand "Great Minds....etc.," hahaha