Friday, June 06, 2008

Roof Top Gardening

My friend Steve just posted a blog entry about a Green Roof. It looks really cool to have your very own grass and flowers in a solid mat across the roof making.....well making a green roof. I can't do quite the same thing since our house wasn't built for a "green roof" but I'm trying to start a vegetable garden on the terrace over our bedrooms. A vegetable garden isn't possible in the patio.....too much shade but the terraces get a lot of sun. My friend Joseph brings us green beans, lettuce and tomatoes from his garden grown in pots on his terrace.

I bought some seeds here and I brought some back for the USA. At this point, I can't possibly plant 1/100th of them but if I planted them all I could be a truck farmer. Today I planted kale, lettuce, bush green beans and spaghetti squash. I need to get a couple of big pots for some tomatoes.

I chose these because they are not veggies that I see in the stores. Well, yes, I do see lettuce but once before I grew some lettuce here and it was so much fun to go up on the terrace and cut some for a salad that night. And these are different lettuces than the ones we can buy locally.

We'll see if the seeds germinate. I'll keep you posted.


Babs said...

What a GREAT idea! Any "leftovers" let me know.....ha

Nancy said...

I've got some beautiful basil growing, but I need to get going on some more on our very sunny patio upstairs.

We're about to start the rainy season so I think I'll start with lettuce at first. Plus lettuce is a pain to soak with the iodine stuff so this way I can control its environment and not have to soak.

Thanks for the reminder.