Monday, May 26, 2008

What about the Drug Wars?

Yes, here NOB, that is what people are asking me. 'What about the drug wars? Aren't you afraid?' And who would not be asking that question about Mexico when the news is full of articles about the drug wars, not just between the cartels seeking domination but also about the Mexican government fighting the cartels to stop the traffic.

Reading the Houston Chronicle about the killing of police officers in Cuidad Juarez, about the bold threats by the cartels to the police and soldiers and about Mexican Police Chiefs seeking political asylum in the United States is enough to frighten anyone. So yes, I am afraid.....not for my immediate safety but I'm afraid for Mexico AND the United States over the long run. Somehow I don't believe that all of the bad stuff is happening South of the Rio Grande. How are all of these drugs making it across the border and into Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and all of the places they end up. Who is getting paid off? At what point will the cartels decide to challenge the United States Government as they are challenging the Mexican government? At what point will they have used money and fear to infiltrate the USA police forces?

Are there drugs in San Miguel? Yes, I hear that there are users so there have to be sellers. But personally I'm not afraid in San Miguel any more than I'm afraid in Houston. Heck, when we lived in Houston we lived across the street from a house that was from time to time rented to small time drug dealers. You would know when drug dealers moved back in. There were cars speeding up and down the street in the early hours of the morning. Cars stopping and someone would come out of the house and then the car would speed off. The police would focus on the house and after a while the house would be for rent again.

So what about the drug wars in Mexico? Some writers in Mexico are suggesting that Calderon leave the cartels alone so they can go back to operating under cover. Sort of run a figurehead legal government and a underground drug government. Bad idea! Basically Mexico would then be a failed government.

What it all boils down to......If the citizens of the United States of America were not the customer for these drugs, Mexico would not have this problem with the drug cartels. Personally I think that we should remember our lesson from prohibition and legalize, tax and control drugs. It would take the profit motive away. I know that many consider this a radical, or maybe even a simplistic view of the comments will be moderated and maybe even turned off. I don't want to lose my vacation glow of good feelings.


Anonymous said...

Personally I think that we should remember our lesson from prohibition and legalize, tax and control drugs. It would take the profit motive away.

Have to agree with you there Amiga - good Blog entry.


Steve Cotton said...

Billie -- My mother is convinced that if I move to Mexico, I will either be killed by a drug lord or I will be locked away in a jail cell. (I am not quite certain what type of life style she thinks I am going to live.) She supports her paranoid fantasties with regular clippings from the local newspaper. As you know, she is not alone in her perception of Mexico.

Charles Hall said...

If the U.S. learned from history... It would be a whole different country on many levels... not just learning from prohibition!!!

Cristina said...

Billie, one of the issues of last week's La Jornada (Mexico's best newspaper) reported that during the first part of Felipe Calderón's 6-year presidency (December 2006 to date), more than 4,100 assassinations have taken place in Mexico, all over Mexico from the northern to the southern borders. All of these murders are related to power struggles in the drug cartels.

Today's NYTimes has picked up that article. It's on the front page. Read it and weep.

Paul said...

Legalizing, and taxing drugs in both countries would solve the problem, and may be the only thing that would.


wayne said...

I so totally agree with you. Legalize and tax, like cigarettes and booze. Although I do hear that it is not working in the Netherlands and they are considering making it all illegal again. Who's to know what to do? I do know that one is pretty stupid to be out and about nowdays in Cancun after dark. Tourists included.

Charles Sipe said...

Yes, I actually agree that drugs should be taxed and legalized. I think the world would be better off if the money spent trying to police drugs were spent on education.