Monday, March 31, 2008

The Hot Season

It has turned HOT. That is the way it is here. April and May are the hottest months. Yesterday about 4:30 PM it was 88 degrees. And it will get even hotter before the rains start in June. In just two weeks time, we went from sleeping under the warming blanket to sleeping with the ceiling fan whirling away overhead.

The year we moved into our house, the temperatures climbed up to 100 degrees a few days in May. Remember we don't have air-conditioned houses here in San Miguel and during the afternoons it was hot. Don't tell me that it was a dry heat so that it isn't as bad. It WAS hot.

Lots of the ex-pats who live here full time take vacations during January when it is cold here....not really cold, but again, the houses do not have central heat either. Or they take vacations during May to escape the heat. Right now the countryside is covered with dried grasses and it looks so barren but the rains will start in June and by July everything will start to turn green. Flowers will begin to bloom in August. The seasons here are marked by the dry and the wet. The brown and the green. Fortunately we have about two months of cold, two months of hot and the rest of the year is glorious.

And speaking of glorious.....The Jacarandas are in full bloom. But there is a downside to the Jacaranda blooms.....allergies. When you see someone with red watery eyes, sniffling and sneezing, it is the pollen from the Jacarandas.

I think the Jacarandas are more beautiful this year than I've ever seen them. They are the most luscious color of purple against the blue, blue San Miguel skies. They are beautiful seen individually but what a thrill to see them from our terrace across the hillsides of the town. Splotches of purple nestled in the green trees and colorful houses. It is also breathtaking when you drive down the hill from the Caracol and look out over the town. I've tried taking pictures of these views but it just doesn't do the Jacaranda justice. You need to be here to see for yourself. Oh, and bring your antihistamine.


John W said...

Billie--I have to agree with you about the Jacarandas this year. They're spectacular. Your Holga image captures the color better than any I've been able to take. I wonder why the Jacaranda blue is so hard to capture?

Billie said...

John, The Texas bluebonnets are also hard to capture the real color on film. Painters have even more troubles with mixing the color. Must be some difficulty in the blue spectrum of the color gamut. And Thanks for the Holga comment.