Monday, March 31, 2008

Tacos Don Felix Restaurante

I've been planning to write about Tacos Don Felix for several weeks but I wanted to get some photographs to go with the entry. I was going to tell you about the wonderful restaurant in a white tent with crystal chandeliers and paintings on the wall and of course about the great food. But before I got the pictures, Don Felix moved "uptown." Actually he moved into a house and expanded the restaurant and his menu.

The menu now includes soups, salads and steaks as well as the tacos and enchiladas. Ned tried the sopa medula (bone marrow soup) and we had the enchiladas verdes. Both were excellent and the heat wasn't watered down for wimpy gringos which is my problem with a lot of the restaurants in San Miguel. The food was coming out of the kitchen just fine but the wait staff is a little overwhelmed with the new volume of customers. Don Felix was there to greet everyone and to smooth over any rough spots with the new location.

Now finding the new Restaurante in Colonia San Rafael is a little tricky but Don Felix has stationed some boys at the location for the old restaurant and when someone stops, they rushed out with a business card with the new address and tell you where to find the restaurante. If you are coming from the centro on Independencia turn left at Ignacio Cruces (the corner where the tent was) and go three blocks to Fray Juan de San Miguel and turn left again. The restaurante is at #15. This may look like easy directions but none of the streets are marked and the street numbers are more random than usual on Fray Juan de San Miguel.

Tacos Don Felix is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is a great addition to our restaurant scene in San Miguel de Allende.


John W said...

Billie--I've had some great meals at Don Felix when he was in the tent. I also attended a party he catered. Great men, great food.

Anonymous said...

Billie - Don Felix would like to thank you for your most gracious words about his restaurant. He would also like to ask a favour from your readers. If anyone has pictures of the taco stand while it was operating out of the tent, Don Felix would greatly appreciate copies. Please contact Don Felix at