Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cooking for a Crowd

This week we had some people over for dinner. This was a Flickr know Flickr the photo sharing site. Some of us Flickrites live in San Miguel and some were visiting along with spouses and friends, so I thought it would be fun to get us all in one place.

And it was fun but it was more people than the usual dinner party. I use to be the hostess with the mostest dinner guests. I cooked family holiday dinners....and the family isn't small. I cooked for our gourmet group of 16. And everyday I cooked for three teenage boys....that is no small feat. The point I'm making is that I could cook big quantities and not even think about it. When we finally got an empty nest, it took a while to figure out how to cook for two. I've passed the holiday dinners on to the daughters-in-law and they are doing a fine job so I don't have to worry about that anymore.

Here in San Miguel, if we have guests it is never more than eight for dinner. I was challenged to figure out how much to cook for the crowd. I decided to keep it simple. Ned would grill Aracherra and I'd make a large pasta salad....heavy on the raw veggies....and a big fruit salad. Then key lime pie for dessert. They ate it all except for about one cup of fruit salad and a couple of slices of key lime pie. Most of them went back for seconds and I think a few even went back for thirds but the chef son says you should never run out of food. I hope no one went away hungry but I ran out of food!

Oh this picture has nothing to do with the Flickr Feast except it is food and it is colorful. This was a fruit stand in Uruapan on Palm Sunday.

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Ty said...

Thank you, Billie and ned. It was a wonderful feast. I think I had thirds.

We are back in Raleigh for two weeks. I hope I can find some arrachera around here, or at least a decent michelada.

We stayed in DF for a few nights before we left. The night before we were having a conversation about ex-pats in Mexico with one of the other hotel guests. In the middle of the conversation, he says, 'You've got to check out this blog 'Zocalo de Mexican Folk Art. These guys are doing some really interesting blogging about folk art from all Mexico. Definitely the kind of ex-pats you want to meet.'

It was cool, I have to admit, to reply - 'You're absolutely right. In fact, we saw them a few nights ago at a dinner party hosted by mutual friends.' Small world getting smaller.

thank you