Wednesday, November 07, 2007

View from the Kitchen Window

We have a unique view from our kitchen window. Most casas in Mexico have a window or two on the street but most other windows look inward to patios and terraces. Our casa just happens to be where two streets come together in a "Y" and we sit where the kitchen window over the sink has a view down both sides of the "Y" as does one of our studio windows. So we see a lot more street life than you would ordinarily expect to see. In fact, we find what happens on the street so interesting that I think I could write a blog called La Vida en Nuestros Calle.

Yesterday we had a two hour drama about the Transito Policia confiscating two motorcycles. When we first looked out there were two Transitos, one motorcycle and one guy standing by the telephone pole looking a little dejected. We couldn't figure out exactly what was going on because none of the men were talking to each other and the transitos were looking at some of the cars parked in the area. When I glanced out again, I saw a woman coming up the street the "wrong way" on a small scooter and the transito steps out to stop her. I couldn't believe that he would stop her for going the wrong way on a one-way street because that doesn't seem to matter very much here. But the look on her face said that she wasn't happy at what he was saying to her.

Before long we had five transitos and two transito pickup trucks here in front of the house. Two of the transitos were going over the motorcycles with a fine tooth comb and writing on the papers on their clipboards. While all this official business didn't have the street totally blocked it surely did slow it down as cars and trucks tried to negotiate past the men and official vehicles on the narrow street.

Several groups of women walking from the bottom of the street stopped to talk to the woman who for a long time would not get off her scooter. Obviously they were friends and were commiserating with her over the situation. There was nothing they could do to help her with these very serious officials who were doing their job thoroughly and with their supervisors standing around watching.

In the end, the two motorcycles were loaded in the transito pickups, the drivers were given pieces of paper and the drama was over. It only took two hours to confiscate the two motorcycles for whatever their violation was. Most likely not being registered and having the proper license and paperwork. We have seen them pull this sting on a major street but never here in our little Colonia.

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pitchertaker said...

At least they didn't resort to throwing rocks and such at each other..... ;-)