Monday, November 05, 2007

Mexican Landscape Photographers

Driving to and back from Patzcuaro I was wondering why I haven't seen a lot....make that "hardly any"......landscape photographs from Mexican Photographers. Mexico is an amazingly beautiful country. There are some amazing paintings of the landscape that were done in the 1930-1970 time period by all the wonderful Mexican painters of that period including Rivera, Sisqueiros, and Ortega. But when I try to find landscape photographs I only come across a few from Bravo and Brehme and since Throckmorton Fine Art includes Edward Weston in a show titled Men of Mexico, I'll include him too. From what I can find, most of the Mexican photographers only saw the vast sweeping landscapes as a backdrop for the people in their images. There may be some contemporary photographers who are making landscape work but I couldn't find them on the net.

As I think about it, maybe the "pristine landscape" as fine art photographic subject matter was a United States phenomenon.


Babs said...

Hmm, interesting point!

pitchertaker said...

You may be right....I don't think I can name more than five landscape photographers working outside the US....ANYWHERE! The British Isles may have a few notibles.