Friday, November 09, 2007

Cost of Gourmet

I've been going through my cooking magazines and cookbooks and had a list of some ingredients that I'd like to have for some new recipes.

Poppy seeds to put on a cracker that I'd like to try. I didn't see them in the bulk containers at Bonanza's but I asked and sure enough they had them hidden away in the back. The price they quote me seemed outrageous but I was looking on line tonight and I see that a spice jar of them from McCormick is $9.77 so maybe the price here isn't so bad after all.

Crystallized ginger to add to a streusel topping on a pumpkin tart was $8.30 for a tiny package. First of all, I think it is amazing that I found it here but I thought $8.30 was expensive. On line I see that crystallized ginger is $7 for 7 ounces. The cost here was at least double if not triple. I just won't tell my guests that the topping is missing the crystallized ginger.

One 15-ounce can of pumpkin was $3.50. I don't know what I'd pay for it in the USA but I'm betting it would be under a $1 during the holidays. I don't think many Mexicans would use canned pumpkin so this is strictly an import for the ex-pats. Some enterprising person went to the trouble to get it across the border and down here. I guess they deserve to be compensated for their industry.

This week I tried the local sweet potatoes....not the camotes....but sweet potatoes. They are definitely not the smooth skinned Louisiana yams but they weren't bad. They do not have as much fiber as the yams and they are drier and I don't think they are as sweet but they taste the same with a few adjustments.

On Monday the local market had beautiful Portabello, button and oyster mushrooms. I kept thinking about them so I looked up a couple of cream of mushroom soup recipes. Alas, today the portabellos were gone except for two scraggly leftovers, the oyster mushrooms were no longer white and beautiful. Ya gotta buy'm when you see'm.

Even though you may pay a higher price for an ingredient here in San Miguel, I'm constantly amazed at what we can find on the grocer's shelves.


Babs said...

That IS amazing that you found those things at Bonanza! I DO have an extra can of pumpkin pie mix if you want it Billie! I brought it down from Texas......

Cynthia said...

What can't you find there, Billie? I posted at Carol's and asked the same question. I'm curious since I've done so little cooking to date in SMA. I just wonder what it is you miss that is impossible to find in Mexico.