Friday, November 09, 2007

Lions, Baboon and Llamas

Yesterday from the kitchen window, we saw a lion with his face framed by his huge ruff just lounging, a baboon prowling around and looking back, and two stately llamas. The big circus is in town and they are driving the trucks that transport the animals through the colonias with the loud speakers blaring advertising the Circus.

What happened on your street yesterday?


Brenda said... was just a normal day for you. LOL Pretty funny the things that you see.

pitchertaker said...

I stood for a good 15 minutes yesterday morning watching the bright yellow and orange leaves float through the air and settle gently on those already fallen. It was like a special sequence and each leaf had a specific time. Your turn, hey! you're next...come on, keep up! One after another they glided on soft air currents doing a little back-and-forth dance -- sort of a swan song. Made me a little happy to watch the colors; a little sad knowing each leaf had lived its life, and was now seeking it final resting place.

That's what I saw from my window.