Friday, May 04, 2007

Wish List

I've always liked to read and I've always liked owning books. Going to the library is okay but to actually possess the book makes me feel "rich."

My Amazon Wish List has 34 books in it. I've moved 10 of them to the shopping cart. That may be the best I can do for this trip to Houston. With so many books on my list it would be nice if I could check some of them out of the Biblioteca here but they don't carry "my" books are mostly monographs of a photographer. Besides I like to go back through my photography books often. As well as the photography books, I have a book of poetry, a cookbook, and a "manual" for Adobe's Lightroom in the cart tonight.

We'll see how things go in Houston, maybe I can sneak a few more in.


Claudine said...

I know how you feel I just ordered over $600 worth of books for our trip back from Florida. I hated being caught without necessary books this first year of mine here.

wolverinemx said...

Hi Billie,

I like read books too, I recommend you the book 'Azteca'

This books was written by Gary Jennings, its a historic novel, in the begining is bored, keep reading and finally you will find that is an amazing history...

I recommend you the english version, because the spanish has a difficult words.

Billie said...

Wolv, I've read least a couple of times. Mexico does have an amazing history.

Another book that I've read that I like is The Conquest by Hugh Thomas. It is a history of the 2 years of the Spanish conquest. I love the passages that talk about the way the markets looked (so much more advanced than in Spain) and the city (DF). Mexico was an amazing culture at that time. And everytime I walk through a market and see the neat piles of fruits and veggies, the seeds and herbs, I think that Mexicans have been setting up these beautiful displays for over 500 years.