Thursday, May 03, 2007

Product License Has Expired

Oh, no. Adobe please don't do this to me. I've been a customer since PS3. I've bought my new update for CS3 but it is waiting for me in Houston. Can't you figure out a way I can keep using the CS3 Beta until I get to Houston? Yes, I know I could have downloaded the software but on my connection here, it might have taken all day. And besides, I'm an old fashion girl. I like hard copies of the software somewhere so I can hold it in my hands....just in case.

Adobe, do you realize that you are sending me back to the stone age of CS2?

I'm not sure I can make it until this time next week without CS3. And if I don't make it, you are responsible for cutting me off.


Babs said...

Billie, I don't know what this blog means, but it sounds serious! Could you get what you need at Office Depot?

Billie said...

Barbara, this is a very serious situation. It could even be dangerous to my mental health. And no I can't get it at Office Depot. I think I can hold out until next week but if I had to go any longer, I'm not sure I'd make it.

I'll explain this terrible problem to you the next time I see you. I really appreciate your concern.

pitchertaker said...

Thankfully it doesn't require radical surgery, however life support may be needed. It is for this very reason that I never tried to get too deeply involved with CS3. I can't afford to upgrade just now, so I'll just have to settle for a cold shower, all the while continue to mop through the dark ages....sigh


pitchertaker said...

Since the license for CS3 expired, I got the bright idea to uninstall it. Looked at the instructions from Adobe, d/l'd "clean" and set about. "Clean" wouldn't run for some reason. The removal of CS3 via "add/remove" screwed up "Bridge" of CS2. But now in CS, the Bridge from CS3 opens without any control over what formats it can read....grrrrrrrrr. I may have to nuke the whole damned drive and start all over.


Arthur Chaparyan said...

I know this is old news but just in case anyone else has that problem, all you need to do is turn back your computer time. I'm not sure why Adobe didn't implement a stronger system, but it works!