Saturday, May 05, 2007

Visitor jump

WOW! My blog stats are going crazy since last night. I wish it was because I had written a carefully crafted essay about photography but it isn't. I wrote a lighthearted piece about Adobe pulling the plug on PhotoShop Creative Suite 3 Beta. The new full-blown PhotoShop CS3 has been launched and they have closed the freebie. Now they want you to buy the program that they have been letting you beta test for them. Hey, they're in business. Good marketing ploy, get it free and if you like it enough you'll buy it when you can't get it for free anymore.

Sometimes I have a jump in visitor stats because of a link from somewhere and I can see that many of those visitors stay on the site for a while and look at lots of pages. Maybe they'll like what they see and they'll be back. But this spike in visitors isn't looking around. They are coming in and out in one second. So this is just a blip. Here today, gone tomorrow.

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Babs said...

So, your "technologically challenged" friend wants to know how you know people are looking at your blog?