Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our Clown

Dexter is the youngest grandson. He'll be two in April. He is a clown. He is into everything and he does the funniest things (well, his Mom and Dad don't think all of them are funny) and he wants you to laugh at his antics and his sense of what is funny is pretty good. So different than the other three grandsons who are more serious and are embarrassed if you laugh at something they did.

Recently his Mom wrote:

"So I was sitting in the bedroom thinking that I had not heard anything from Dexter in a while. That is usually not a good sign. Just then, Dexter walked in with his adornment of bibs (for some reason lately he likes to wear ALL of them). He had a proud smile and his hair seemed all wet. I didn't hear any water running. As I stroked my hand across his hair I found out why. It wasn't water in his hair. He had gotten into the tub of diaper ointment that we kept, until now, on one of the lower shelves of the changing table. It is basically petroleum jelly with some vitamins and scents added.He did not want it washed out of his hair, and he was very upset that I would take the tub of "hair gel" out of his reach. So I did what any good parent would do. I took pictures.This is our favorite. It explains Dexter so well. You can see his collection of bibs worn proudly. And notice the hair waxed down--no flyaways here. But what says it all is, in the background, you can see his little finger getting ready to turn off the printer while mom is working at the computer."
He loved his new gel styles for several days as they shampooed and shampooed his hair.


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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. Look at the black & white of your husband, then the smiling face of your grandson - the similarity is amazing - especially the smile. It stopped me up so short that I have to mention it. A physical thread through time and flesh.

Billie said...

Anonymous, if you are talking about that handsome boy in B&W posted a week ago, that is son Gary, not husband. So he is the uncle to Dexter the clown. But you are right, there are physical resemblances in the grandsons to the Mercer clan.