Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yellow Belts and Other Things

While I was back in Texas I went to Austin and saw the Austin Grandsons, Maxwell and Dexter. It seems like I'm always in Houston for events with the Houston contingent of grandsons but this trip my timing was right and I was able to see Maxwell get his Yellow Belt in Kuk Sool Won. He was so proud of his achievement and you can see it on his face. I like this picture of Dexter. I like the distortion of the wide lens and the angle from above him. I like his hair sticking out but most of all I like that look. I don't think it is a look of puzzlement. No, I think that is a look of far can he go. How much can he get away with. He is his Father's son! Dexter is 18 months old but is already in the "terrible two's." His favorite word is NO. His Father writes thoughts about him and his 'No':

Yes is subservient
No is independent

Yes is mainstream
No is rock and roll

Yes makes parents smile
No makes funny, red faces

Yes is boring
No opens up the world

Yes, definitely his father's son. Oh, it is going to be fun watching Doug deal with this child.
A little family roughhousing in the floor minus Mom who is busy trying to keep up with all the messes these "boys" make.

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Brenda said...

Way to go, Maxwell. Quite an accomplishment!
I love the photo of Dexter. He looks like he is ready to explore/examine the world and everything in it. They are so much fun at this age, just like little sponges, soaking up everything.