Monday, November 13, 2006

On Mexican Time

On Mexican Time is the title of Tony Cohan's book where he writes about falling in love with San Miguel. But another English speaking blogger from Mexico feels that the phrase "On Mexican Time" is derogatory towards Mexicans. I don't feel that way. I think it is a recognition of the Mexican way of life.....what is important and what isn't to them. And the longer we are here the more I like Mexican Time for eating.......particularly comida in the mid afternoon.

This affection for Mexican Time comida is growing while we are without a kitchen. Today we were back at Juancho for Comida Corrida. Juancho is on Orizaba between 20 Enero and Palma. Today Isabella served us a wonderful light cream of broccoli soup, pork in a piquante salsa verde, rice, beans, a basket of hot tortillas and a salad dressed with a squeeze of lime. Dessert was an wonderful flan that was creamy but melted on the tongue like Blue Bell Ice Cream. That was all washed down with Jamaica tea. All of this cost 35 pesos. What a deal. Delicious food and an economical price.

We left the tiny restaurante feeling satisfied but not stuffed. Here it is almost 10:00 PM and neither of us is really hungry. I've had a light snack and a glass of wine and Ned had a postre. No heavy meal late in the day. This has to be a much healthier and certainly a very satisfying way to eat.

The other advantage for me is that I can schedule shopping, yoga and other out of the house activities before comida, then a siesta and that still leaves me the afternoon and evening for my work with images. It makes a really nice concentrated work time.

However I have to admit that there are some Mexican Times I don't understand and I'm having a hard time adjusting to, like the garbage truck that comes between 5:30 and 7:00 AM. But then my Mexican neighbors don't understand that either.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Mexican time too....and I'm so happy to be back to it! The hecticness and rushing of Texas just about does me in......c u soon?

Brenda said...

La comida sounds sooo good, especially the flan! Gotta love the more relaxed pace here.

Anonymous said...

dont worry about that, the people thinks different things, I am mexican too.... and I believe that you will live here because there are some things in mexico that you like


Claudine said...

Mexican time is derrogatory? Not to Mexicans! They (And now I) are (am) proud of knowing how to live a more tranquil life. My friends brag about it all the time? Only an outsider would feel it is a put down. Ha! It is a freaking compliment!!


Billie said...

Wolv and Claudine, I've never thought it was derrogatory either. And I do love living on Mexican Time.

Claudine said...

Yes, there is no way I could work 3 jobs (with 2 little girls in my sole care while Daddy works across the border) on any other time but Mexican Time. Everyone should try it. I love it!!!!