Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Where did the Blue Skies Go?

On the left is what October is suppose to look like here in San Miguel. So far October has been more like the picture on the right. We have had so many days of rain and cool damp weather that everyone is tired of it.

Yesterday, I'd had enough of being in the house, and of the construction and of quickie breakfasts of toast and coffee so I decided to head out for breakfast. The weather was misty and cool. I had on a long sleeve shirt over my t-shirt and a muffler wrapped around my neck. I went out Ancha de San Antonio because I wanted to stop in a Comex paint store and see what I could find out on the colored wood stain for kitchen cabinets.

I had in mind a breakfast place that had tables outside and looked very nice but as I was walking along I saw a door and a sign that said "desayuno." My glance through the door saw a kind of entry and then it opened up to a covered courtyard and behind that an open patio. Mmmmm.......I walked on down the street a couple more doors and then turned around and went back. I walked in and was greeted by a friendly smiling young man. The place was a little funky with plants in tin cans tied to the support posts of the covered courtyard. Every posts was decorated with "canned" plants, old Mexican and American movie still photographs, masks or hats. Oh, yes, this was the place to have a leisurely breakfast and write in my "morning pages" and just take time to breathe and nourish my soul as well as my body.

The friendly young man delivered the menu in Spanish. I'm still so far from being able to carry on a conversation in Spanish but I'm getting better and better at being able to understand what is said. So I understood the menu and ordered scrambled eggs with ham, frijoles, cheese, salsa and tortillas. Coffee and orange juice. The orange arrived a few minutes later. Freshly squeezed. A huge 12 or 16 ounce glass of orange juice. Since I like my coffee HOT when my breakfast arrives, I asked him to wait to bring the coffee.

I sat there with my journal writing and just enjoying the ambiance. When the breakfast came, it was a huge plate of eggs and frijoles. He asked if I wanted some sugar in my coffee. I said yes. Right away he brought the coffee. It was boiling hot and sweet. Next time I'll ask to put in my own sugar. Also the coffee had a cinnamon taste. I think they might use the Mexican brown sugar. It was different but good. The tortillas were handmade and a little thicker than you get from the corner tortillas tiendas in the neighborhoods. The salsa was great but a little too piquante for me.....Ned will love it. I had a wonderful breakfast and I bet that most gringas would not eat breakfast there but I can assure you that while we are doing this renovation and the Mercer kitchen is closed, I'll be going back.

After breakfast, I headed on down the street and picked up samples from Comex. Indeed they do have the colored wood stains and even a very nice brochure about them. Suddenly when I came out of Comex, the weather had changed. The sun was out, the mist was gone, the air was warm. The long-sleeved shirt and muffler went in the backpack. Yesterday afternoon was beautiful. I think we have found some blue skies.


Brenda said...

Yum...that sounds like a great breakfast and a fun restaurante, also sounds like a place I would love.
Went to a couple of viveros' yesterday and the coleus are all out now. (They wait with certain plants until it cools down here). I didn't like the look of their roses, so we are going to go to the tianguis today and see what is there. We had the car so did buy another bag of "soil" LOL in anticipation.
Hope the reno. is going well.

La Gringa said...

I know that you are tired of the cool weather but what I wouldn't give for a break in the heat here!

It's 85F at night when we go to bed and hotter than than when we wake up. I have no energy in this heat and I'm ready for some relief.