Sunday, October 15, 2006

The New House

Maybe 10 years ago, I cut out an article from Met Home magazine about a small house in San Miguel de Allende. This is a scan of one of the pictures from the article and it has been in my files since then, folded, stapled and written on. A little worse for wear so you just have to use your imagination a bit. It is a contemporary Mexican house full of color and wonderful design innovations using local materials and craftsman. The architects were a husband and wife team, Cathi and Steven House out of San Francisco. Since then their work has been on my radar screen.

About two years ago our friends Mayer Shacter and Susan Page told us that they were going to remodel an old rattan factory outside of town for their house. As we talked about their plans, I asked who was their architect. House & House. I was so excited for them. I knew that it would be wonderful but I wondered what that architectural team could do with a rectangular building. We saw it while it was under construction and I started to get an idea of how the curves in and out of the rectangle would work but nothing prepared me for seeing the finished house today.

Once again the House team has capitalized on the use of wrought iron, tiles, cantera, shaped concrete, color and amazing attention to every detail to create light-filled spaces that make you want to sit a spell. When you add to that, that the house is furnished with all the amazing collections that Susan and Mayer have acquired over many years, you have a house that Architectural Digest should be on the way to San Miguel to photograph.

I'm feeling very good to know that we are using the same people who did the granite in their kitchen because it was well done. Also I was wanting to stain my kitchen cabinets a color. Minwax has colored wood stains but I haven't been able to find them here in San Miguel. But Mayer tells me that Comex paint stores have colored wood stains so I'll be checking it out. It wasn't an appropriate time today, but if I get to make some photographs of the house, I will definitely post them in the blog.

Congratulations to Mayer and Susan. It is a beautiful house. And congratulations to Cathi and Steven House. The house is a most amazing addition to your portfolio.

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1st Mate said...

Billie - Your blog inspires me to get creative with my space, although we live in a rental house and the space we own is a 50-foot boat we bought this week and will have to truck from Ft Lauderdale to San Carlos, Sonora, where we live. I'm going to try to keep a photo journal as you have been doing, as we refurbish the sloop. Your photos are excellent examples of how you can make the most of a digital camera. I'm a friend of Andee in Chacala and Brenda in Guaymas. I'd like to trade blog links with you. I'm at