Saturday, October 14, 2006

Best Laid Plans

The plan for being without a kitchen during the renovation was simple. We'd move the refrigerator to the portico, buy a hot plate and we can cook in the patio or go out to eat.

This first week, the plan isn't working. We have rain. Lots and lots of rain in the afternoon. Rain that makes the street a river rushing downhill. Blowing rain. We can't cook on the hot plate and going out to eat requires getting wet too.

Last night we thought okay, if we can't get out, we'll call for home delivery from Juanita's Pizza that is just around the corner. Nope......too much rain for Juanita's delivery motorcycles. During one lull in the downpour, Ned walked around the corner to Juanita's for a Pizza and salad but before he got home, it started in again.

Tonight? It is cool and the rain fronts keeps rolling in. Not sure what we'll do. I think I have a can of tuna in a box somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Can you believe this rain???? Weird! Sorry you're starving over there......I'm leaving Monday for Houston.....c u when I get back!
Barbara Eckrote

Brenda said...

Ahhh...but can you find it? The tuna that is. It is cloudy even here this morning and much cooler than normal.

Billie said...

Barbara and Brenda, we are having very strange weather for October. October is usually gloriously blue skies and still warm to hot days.

Fortunately, I didn't have to find the tuna. Mi Esposo went back to Juanita's and bought us pasta and a salad.

Gary and Judie said...

When we are traveling by car instead of our RV, I routinely cook in a motel room using a hot plate. Couldn't you set yours up in your bathroom or some other room in the house? Just use your regular pots and pans. How about an electric frying pan?

A lot of foods can be prepared in a small 6-cup Crock-ette, and boiling water from an electric hot pot can be used to produce many edibles.

Virtual hugs,


Billie said...

You are right I could set it up in the bathroom but had not thought of that since I had not bought any thing to cook on it...planning to eat out over the weekend. I had forgotten what a great tool an electric frypan is. We had friends who had a small condo in Cancun and a tiny, tiny kitchen. We could feed 15 people from that electric frypan. I don't have a toaster oven here either because I haven't had any space to store it but I could use it too. This next week I'm going to get my chef hat on and bring in the groceries so that I can cook with what I have. This rain just wasn't expected. I wasn't prepared.