Wednesday, October 18, 2006

San Miguel Viveros

A couple of comments on my blog today were from gardeners and about coleus. I started to write a reply and quickly realized, I should make it a blog entry.

Recently Gardener in Chacala was in San Miguel and she visited the viveros, plant nurseries, around town. She bought some succulents to take back to Chacala. But that is no surprise. How can a gardener go anywhere and not buy some plant.

I don't think I read her overall thoughts about the nurseries here in San Miguel but after having several wonderful nurseries in Houston that specialize in native plants as well as all the regular perennials, shrubs and trees, I don't get too excited about the nurseries here. To me it seems like the plant selection is the same at everyone. Lots of geraniums, begonias, lantanas, bougainvilleas, limited selection of day lilies, lavender, bird of paradise, margaritas, limited selection of roses, Mexican sage, citrus trees of unknown variety, ficus trees, houseplants and some succulents. I'm sure I've overlooked a few but this makes up the majority of every vivero. Now all of these are nice plants but it really isn't a lot of variety....not like I'm use to in Houston. Although there are one or two places that have someone who knows the plants for the most part about all the information that you can get is "sun or shade?" information.

Both Brenda and LaGringa tell me that they can find coleus where they live in Mexico and Honduras but I don't think I've ever seen them in the viveros here in San Miguel. I specifically looked for them yesterday at two viveros along my breakfast, paint store route. The only place I have seen them in the area is at Hacienda Las Trancas and I don't know if Kelley found them at one of the viveros or grew them from seeds. Hers were in a shady garden. I'd like to have some of the sun coleus as well as some that grow in the shade. They can add so much color to the garden. I may just have to try to start them from seeds and see what happens. I wonder if I can even find the seeds. I wonder if I'll be thrown in jail for bringing in seeds. Of course, I may find out that the reason we don't see them here is because they don't do well. know something else I haven't seen is the lime green or the burgandy potato vine. They would both be great color additions to the terrace or patio.


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Brenda said...

You pretty much covered the species available here also. And also mostly sun/shade comments, maybe they just think that we wouldn't understand anyway, so don't bother. Or maybe the other customers are not concerned as most everything just gets stuck in the ground/pot and it grows.
I planted lots of seeds in Canada because I got sick of the same old plants that everyone else grew.
Usually the Coleus will do well in either sun or shade, the only difference I ever saw was the color is more brilliant in the shade. If they have some at Hacienda L. T. why don't you ask them for some cuttings and try them out. From what I read you are not "supposed" to bring in seeds. I had some seeds saved to bring with me and when I read that I threw them away. What if you brought in something different that turned into a weed here? We had lots of problems in Canada with Loosestrife(sp?) taking over the riparian areas and they made everyone take it out of their yards and burn it. Now they have a sterile type that you can use in your garden. Also lots of problems with Wild Chamomile. I didn't want to do that. I used to grow what we called Angels Trumpet, here (and in Arizona, New Mexico, etc.) it is a low growing weed, basically, all over the roadways, etc.. It belongs to the same family as tomato (nightshade).
Maybe I should have blogged on this subject too, as this is getting very long.

Billie said...

Yes, I'm sure that something bad could be brought in but I think it would have to be something from our desert area....not coleus. But you are right, we must be responsible. Do write a blog entry about "transplanted" plants.

Deb said...

Billie, I tried to send you an e-mail but it bounced back. I must have an old e-mail address. I'll take your phone number with me for a chance we can meet up.

La Gringa said...

Oh! Those potato vines. I love those. I haven't seen those here either and it seems like they would do so well in this climate.