Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Container Gardens

Here in San Miguel it is more "Container Plants" rather than "Container Gardens." In the gardening magazines like Fine Gardening or Garden Design, you will find articles, photographs and suggestions for how to combine plants for a "Container Garden." The picture on the right isn't the best example but it does show the variety in the container. You are told to vary the height of the plants, variety and color. But here in San Miguel you mainly see only one type of plant in a container. I wonder why.

Cannas are one of the things you often see in container gardens in the USA but I haven't seen cannas here except in Parque Juarez where they are scattered around in the gardens. They are not very showy cannas, slender green leaves and small dark red flowers. Wonder why the Tropicana canna hasn't been imported. The colors in the leaves and the color of the flower would be great here in San Miguel.

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Brenda said...

Some people here do plant more than 1 thing in a pot; but by the way it looks, I think it is just done because of lack of pots/over abundance of plants.
I am thinking of getting a few flowering annuals to underplant with the bigger plants. The main choices are: petunias, marigolds, and portulaca along with some others that don't seem to put on much of show. I don't have enough shade for any type of begonias. Not much choice in annual flowers either, as for seeds here, not much variety there either. Varieties available seem to be the ones that take very little maintenance.