Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Remembering Margaret

My sister, Margaret, and me. She was 14 and I was 17. My sweater was gold and my skirt was navy blue. Margaret had on a white shirt and corduroy skirt. I don't remember what color her skirt was. Of course, we were well dressed with white socks and loafers. The details of the house are such a vivid memory as well as decorating the Christmas Tree.....placing each tinsel icicle just so on the branch. So long ago.

Tomorrow is Margaret's birthday and also the 11th anniversary since she was buried. I wrote last year in the blog that I still miss talking to her. That hasn't changed at all.


Jon of SMA said...


What a great tribute to your sister and I loved the posting of the photo. Images are timeless and help so much for us to remember the past, family, friends and experiences.


Anonymous said...

Billie - I remember your sister's birthday from last year. A most difficult and wonderful memory. Happy Birthday Margaret!


Anonymous said...

How touching Billie. It choked me up........
Babs of San Miguel

Anonymous said...

I was teary-eyed after reading your tribute. So sad to lose wonderful people in our lives.