Saturday, September 30, 2006

Town on Fire

It isn't really a city on fire, it is the Alborado or Dawn part of the San Miguel Festival. San Miguel is the beloved patron saint of San Miguel de Allende. The parade of the Alborado starts at 3:00 AM and is made up of groups from different parts of town that converge to form the parade and then come to the Parroquia, the church on the Jardin. The path of the parade is punctuated by rockets but when it terminates in front of the church, the fireworks begin....literally.

At 4:00 AM fireworks are fired from the front of the Parroquia over the Jardin and from the front of the old City Hall back toward the Parroquia in a symbol of San Miguel, Archangel, leading the army of God during the uprising of Lucifer. Many Sanmiguelenses have stayed up all night partying to wait for the battle and many of the young men have no fear of being injured from the flying fireworks and remain in front of the Parroquia or in the Jardin. But most of us move back under the portales or up the street, still at times it is necessary to scatter to avoid the stray missile that takes a sidewinder track. Old clothes are in order because it is most likely that some sparks are going to land on you.

The fireworks continue for one hour.....along with the bells in the Parroquia. Whether or not you go into town for the celebration, you will participate because no one can sleep through the Alborado.


Anonymous said...

Hi Billie - GREAT fireworks photo - I can almost smell the spent powder and hear the boom! Thanks.


Jon of SMA said...

Billie, not quite true, if you live out in the campo you would not have heard anything. We had thought of getting up at a little before 4a and watching them from our roof, but alas I slept through them.

Btw, did you shoot this photo with a tripod and what ISO did you use. I don't see much noise so I was wondering, did you use a noise reduction application on it?

Jon of SMA

Billie said...

Jon, I used my 24-105 Image Stabilization lens at 105mm with IS on. And I was shooting at 1600 ISO. I was braced against the terrace wall. I used Noise Ninja on the file.

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny how they call grain in photos noise. In the sound business we call it white noise or less sophisticatedly 'hiss'.

Noise Ninja huh - you are tricky and at the end of the day came up with a fine photo - thanks again!

John Calypso