Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Iglesia at Hacienda Las Trancas

Today we were back at Hacienda las Trancas for a meeting of the Down to Earth Garden Club. While it was a great meeting to learn more about Kelley and Stephen's Gardens at the Hacienda and to enjoy the amazing comida that their staff prepared for us, the highlight of this trip for me was being able to go into the Hacienda Iglesia.
September 8 had been a festival in the church for the Virgin of Loreto and now the women were taking out huge bouquets of flowers and cleaning the church.
I wish I had been there during the festival and I can assure that I will go back for another festival. The church is beautiful with stencil painted walls and exuberant color. All I had time for was a few grab shots but this church is rich with images.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the photo of the church - I never went in there!

Anonymous said...

Well you certainly made three fine images -- I'm especially taken with the bottom one with the mirror. You gotta' make a print of that one. The way the other items in the image frame the mirror. That's just good seeing.