Monday, September 11, 2006

Provincia Juriquilla

On Saturday on our way home from Queretaro, we decided to do a bit of exploring. We had heard about the golf course development and some good restaurants at Juriquilla off of Mexico Highway 57. It was time for Comida so we headed off the highway for Juriquilla.

Oh my, what a place! This high-end residential development is built on the sides of the hills up from a lake and the golf course is tucked along the lake. At the dam end of the lake is a semicircular building that sticks out over the lake. Inside it is terraced up the hillside a bit so that all the tables have a view of the lake. It isn't just one restaurant but it is at least six restaurants offering comida Italiana, Argentina, Mariscos, Espanola, Japones and Mexicana.

You would think that since we have Mexican food all of the time that we would have chosen a place to eat besides Mi Tierra but I just liked the view from there. The service was impeccable and the food was very good. We melted into the chairs and enjoyed the afternoon. There were lots of families coming in for comida and we enjoyed people watching as well as looking at the fabulous terraced houses hanging on the hillside. I wish I would have had the camera with me.

I love all our little neighborhood cafes here in San Miguel but I'm thinking that for a change of pace from now on, we are going to have to make a stop in Juriquilla for a relaxed comida on our way back from Queretaro.


Gary and Judie said...

Always take your camera, Billie. Ya' just never know when that perfect opportunity is right in front of you, especially in the colorful area where you live. If nothing else, keep a cheapie 3-5MP digital camera (and a couple of spare batteries) in your car for just such an emergency.

Anonymous said...

That's a great little place and hard to believe in the midst of all the colonial architecture that you are sitting looking out at water! I love going there......I was sorry today I didn't have my camera too. Two Mexican men got out of a truck with a giant mouse head, I mean giant and various other body parts for costumes. They started walking up Cuesta de San Jose..........have NO idea why! Darn I hate when I don't have my camera and something like that happens.