Wednesday, September 13, 2006


One of the reasons that we sold our home in Houston is that we found it difficult to live in two places. It seemed like we were always missing something or bringing something down that we needed. I thought that when we sold the house that we would have all that we need one place. But I couldn't fit all my years of negatives and "photo stuff" in this Mexican house so I had to make some decisions about what I actually needed and would be using here.

Several times I've looked for something from my workroom in Houston that I thought I had brought down and I had started to suspect that we left a packed box in storage that should have come with us to Mexico.

I thought that I had packed two boxes of negatives to bring down but only one is here plus a box of old family slides and pictures that I want to scan. When I was looking for something, Ned and I would talk about how careful we were to label all the boxes and how we stacked the ones that were staying and the ones that were going in different places......No, I'd decide, I must be confused. I probably only packed one box of negatives to bring. But today I went looking for some accessories for my scanner that make it possible to scan other sizes of film or prints. Can't be found. I KNOW I packed it to bring down because I can see myself taping the end of the clear plastic envelope that held all the pieces in one place and putting it in a box with negatives that I wanted to bring.

I'm sure that somewhere in our storage in Houston, there sits a box that holds all the missing items that I have looked for but I sure dread the thought of going through the storage unit to find it.

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