Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another New Lens - Part 3

I saw the Eye Doctor again last Monday and was scheduled for the second cataract surgery on Wednesday but I didn't decide to go ahead with it until around Tuesday at noon. Finally I put all the pluses in place like being able to see without glasses for most things and seeing them very sharply. Also I was seeing whites that were not a dimmed dingy yellow through my "new" eye. So why wait? Why wait until December? One thing the doctor said that really brought things into "focus" (sorry, but I couldn't resist) was that I was seeing with two different viewing systems and she thought the vision would be much better when both eyes were on the same page.

So Wednesday at 9 AM, we arrived at the surgery center. The staff remembered me from three weeks ago. It all went well but differently. The first time I didn't "see" anything through the eye while they were doing surgery but this time I could see a yellow circle and sometimes some blue. The bandage on the eye seemed a little loose so the nurse who was helping me after the surgery taped it again. That bandage was really uncomfortable so I was more than ready to take it off at 5 PM. Sure enough when I went in for a checkup the next morning I had 2 small scratches on my eye so I was given some ointment for the scratches. This eye is more bloodshot and traumatized than the other eye as a result but getting better everyday.

I don't know why but the anesthetic seems to hang in my system longer than I expect. So for a couple of days, everytime I could find a place to stretch out, I'd take a little snooze. Actually I don't think that is a bad thing after all the stuff we have been doing for the last two months.

I can already tell that both eyes are working better together, so by the time the inflammation and swelling has gone and the stitches are taken out, the eyes should be amazing.

I'm glad I did it and have new lenses to see all the things in my world.

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