Sunday, July 02, 2006

Less than a Fortnight, More than a Week

Less than 14 days but a little more than a least we hope that it is only a little more than a week. That is the time frame for heading back to San Miguel de Allende. We are ready.

We came back to Houston on May third. So much has happened in two months. As I look back it is amazing at all we have done. Our house was sold and we signed the papers on it, packed what we wanted to keep and put it in storage, had an estate sale, cleared out the house (no easy task) and turned it over to the new owners. Since then I have had cataract surgery on both eyes. We saw doctors, visited the Austin, Texas branch of the family, stayed in a friend's hi-rise condo, entered into a contract to buy a lot in the innercity of Houston (still have to close on it before we leave) and now we are in the middle of taking care of the children in the Houston branch of the family. In between we visited with friends, went to dinner at new places and did a bit of shopping.

We are ready. Ready to head for our home in San Miguel de Allende.


Deb said...

Hi Billy,

Glad to hear you'll be returning as full time residents to SMA. We just returned today from 3 great weeks. The weather was delightful. Sorry we missed you this time around, but hopefully our paths with cross in the future.

Safe travels, Deb

Claudine said...

wow, do I know too well how that feels. Have a safe trip back SOUTH.