Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Courage of Reimagination

In Monday's Houston Chronicle Business Section, Scott Burns has an article about a couple who are early retirees and living in an RV. He talks about the Courage of Reimagination and how they stepped outside the box for retirement.

I think that all of us during our 30's and 40's while we are working and raising children think about what we want to do when we retire. During that time we lived by a golf course and I always thought that what I would do after retirement was work on my golf game and play several times a week instead of just on Sunday or Holidays. I'm not sure when I started to realize that the golfing wasn't going to be enough. Maybe it started to happen as we traveled in Mexico on vacations, maybe as I became more passionate about my photography, maybe as we realized that the home and golf course were a long way from the activities and galleries of the innercity.

Now some of our old friends tell us that we are really adventurous for selling our house in the USA and living full time in Mexico but our move to a "different road'' didn't come in one sharp 90 degree turn but rather it came in a winding fashion of lazy curves. It wasn't an acute fever that came suddenly but rather as a small itch that slowly grew bigger. So now we find ourselves on a road, a different road, that I never could have imagined 25 years ago. Adventurous? It doesn't seem like it but maybe we did have to have the courage to reimagine our lives.

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Anonymous said...

I guess some of us NEVER retire. I have little doubt that Ellen will merely leave whatever camera I have in my hand when I die and bury me with it there in place of a lily. So be it. I don't care so much about where I live just so long as I can continue photoing. That is why I worry more about my eyes -- much like you -- than other things. Pitchertaker