Friday, June 02, 2006


Living RoomSigned, sealed and almost delivered.................the Houston house is sold!

The new owners are giving us another week to get all our stuff out of the house but the papers are signed. Our Realtor, Janice, thought I would cry at the closing but I didn't. We made the decision and we are ready to move on. I'm excited for the new owners because they love the house. And we ready to be back in our house in San Miguel de Allende without worrying about another house in the USA. It is a win-win situation.

For the next couple of weeks we are staying in a friend's high-rise condo. This will give us a chance to try out high-rise living. Last night was very nice. The condo was so quiet. The staff is very friendly. I might be able to adjust to this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Billie & Ned,

Congratulations on the sale. I hope w have such quick action ;-) Looking forward to your being home soon.
Juan Calypso

Claudine said...

Tee hee...cheers to you! Wish we could celebrate a toast to us both for closing our homes at eerily similar times. Mine closed last Friday! I leave for my new home in Mexico in a couple weeks. Good luck and keep up the posts so I can check on your expat experiences.

jose said...

felicidades!! Visitanos en queretaro cuando tengan la oportunidad! Tuvieron mucha suerte que la casa se vendio tan rapido en esta burbuja que esta disinflatando tan rapido en grindolandia! Pero ahora, estan libre como la brisa!

En serio, felicidades. Ahora, un mundo nuevo les espera a ustedes...

Brenda said...

All the best to you, glad that things are going well.
Brenda and Roy