Thursday, June 22, 2006

Father's Day Weekend

It was a double celebration with Doug and Susan in Austin this past weekend. Doug's birthday and Father's Day! The first time in a long time that we have been with Doug on his birthday. Of course, Ned and I enjoyed their boys, Maxwell who will tell you that he is now 6 and 1/4 years old and Dexter who is almost 15 months old. To celebrate Doug's birthday, we all went out to eat at a near-by restaurant. We sat at the outside tables and had a wonderful dinner.

Dexter, like all the grandsons, has connected with Pawpaw. This was a game of handing fluffy dog to Pawpaw with a "he, he" grunt that we all take to mean "here" then Pawpaw hands it back only to get it again. It seems like he can do this for a long time without getting bored so I don't think we will have to be concerned about his attention span when he is interacting with someone. He is so funny. He talks to you in some baby language all the while looking right at your eyes, nodding his head and gesturing with his hands. He seems to know exactly what he is saying. Once he stood in the hallway and "talked" to his Dad who was sitting at the counter in the kitchen. I said, "Doug, I think he wants you to come to his room." Dexter started down the hallway looked back at his father, then came back and shouted, "Da, Da" and more baby language in a louder voice but this time he pointed toward his room. We all cracked up laughing. Whether he speaks our language or not, he can communicate!

Maxwell is studying KukSoolWan and although you can't see it on his belt, he has won a yellow stripe. We took him to his class that was cancelled so of course, we then had to go to Dairy Queen for ice cream and french fries. I know, I know....not the best combination of foods but he is a vegetarian and we are his grandparents. His parents are the ones who have to worry about him getting a healthy diet. As grandparents we are allowed to buy him junk food.....and besides we only see him a few times a year. He has also started guitar lessons this summer. I can't believe that he will start first grade in the Fall.

This is Doug and his boys on Father's Day. Doug and Susan keep working on their new house. They are not new-house-neutral-color people so gradually they are painting the inside and getting it furnished. Susan put in a garden this Spring and they still have radishes, watermelon, and tomatoes growing. Maxwell is very proud of the watermelons.

I think being with Doug and his family made Father's Day special for both Ned and me.

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