Thursday, June 22, 2006

A New Lens - Part 2

I've had a blip with my cataract eye surgery and the replacement lens, ReZoom.

The expected outcome with the ReZoom lens is I should be able to see at all distances without glasses except if I am going to be reading for extended periods of time. For those times I was told I might need reading glasses. I was told to expect halos on car lights at night that would diminish over time. Halos I can deal with but I wasn't able to read at all at almost two weeks after the surgery. Not the computer and certainly not a newspaper.

I had called the doctor's office the first week after surgery and reported the problem but they seemed to think it might be a little early. When I went in for my scheduled appointment this week, they were surprised I couldn't read. I had already told them that so why were they surprised? But they got busy investigating the situation taking me from diagnostic machine to diagnostic machine. Drops to desensitize the eye, drops to lubricate the eye, drops to dilate the eye and drops to reverse the dilation.

The doctor feels that the lens is in place correctly and that the problem was probably because the stitch that closed the incision had not dissolved and it was causing astigmatism. But she also had some concern that maybe my brain was not adjusting to the halos which are a side effect of the lens for some people. She also commented that the eye with the new lens was not the dominant eye and that could have some effect on being able to see. She took the stitch out and by that afternoon I could read the computer screen although not well enough to work at it for extended periods of time or if the type was small. I could also read a newspaper in a good light. Most of the ghosting and flare from a highlighted area had disappeared. Halos around headlights have diminished somewhat. The distance vision is wonderful.

At any rate I have another appointment next week and we'll evaluate the situation again. But I'm much encouraged that it is all going to work out fine.

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