Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jacaranda Tree

Right after we arrived back in San Miguel de Allende, I promised you a picture of the Jacaranda Tree. The blossoms on the trees were probably just past their peak when we returned. They bloomed a little early this year.

This picture just doesn't do justice to the color of the blossoms. The color that my eye sees is deeper, richer, more purple but I haven't been able to photoshop that color. You can see some green leaves in amongst the blossoms on this tree and when the leaves start coming out the blossoms are quickly gone.

From any vantage point you can see the splotches of purple across the mountainsides in San Miguel. It has been beautiful. Soon we will be looking forward to the Jacaranda blossoms next year.


Steve Bridger said...

Billie... I think you know the jacarandas are one of my favourite things about Mexico. We don't have them here in GB.
We make do with some other fine specimens.

Brenda said...

Thanks for naming the tree for me. We just loved them; but I kept forgetting to ask the landlord what they were. One question answered.