Friday, March 31, 2006

The Next Day

I promised food pictures from the dinner party. Sorry, folks, it didn't happen. Right after our friends arrived I took this one but then I was in the visiting/cooking mode and forgot about the camera. So I'll just have to report on how the evening went.

Right after this picture was made we adjourned to the terrace and watched the sky darken....of course talking all the time. Barry and Tracy had not met Patricia and Don before even though we all live in Colonia San Antonio. I ran down the stairs a couple of times to get the oven going but when it was time to put in the rack of lamb we all came down. The salad with roasted beets, toasted pecans and blue cheese was very pretty on the plate. I served the rest of the meal on a large platter with the wild rice in the center, surrounded by a ring of the roasted carrots and then the racks of lamb were sliced and placed around the outer edge of the platter. We sat it in the center of the table so the meal could be informal and additional lamb chops were easy to reach.

After the plates were cleared and water glasses refilled, I served the chocolate glazed peanut butter tart. I almost always try at least one new recipe for a dinner party and this was the new one for this party. It was very pretty. It tasted somewhat like a Reese's peanut butter cup. The recipe was from Fine Cooking Magazine and I thought it was "okay" but for me it isn't one of the keepers from that magazine.

It was almost 11 PM when our friends left. Needless to say the kitchen clean up waited until the next morning.


Jerry M. Pine said...


I certainly hope that you enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Likes like you all had fun.


Jerry M. Pine said...

That second sentenced should have read "looks like you all had fun"