Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Wedding Party Weekend

The Wedding Party.....actually I should say the Parties. One of our neighbors in Colonia San Antonio got married this weekend and what a party it has been. What a romantic story Darlene and Niall have.

It all started a year ago when Darlene's best friend told her she had found a man for her to marry. Now Darlene has been single for 25 years and wasn't looking for anyone to marry but her friend persisted and managed to get a picture of Darlene to the "man." Well Niall liked what he saw and now a year later they are married.

Since family and friends came from as far away as Ireland as well as all over the USA, a welcome fiesta on Friday night was at the Vista Real Hotel located high above San Miguel.

Getting up to the hotel was an adventure. We took a cab and to get up to the top of San Miguel some of the streets are very narrow. You would think that they would be one-way streets but they aren't. First of all a car in front of us stalled and couldn't climb the street. There was a woman driving and her license plates were from D.F. I don't know what it is about the people in the town and the people from Mexico City but the people from D.F. do not get a lot of respect here. When it became obvious that the woman couldn't go up and couldn't get her car out of the intersection, our cab driver got out to help her push it enough to turn it so she could roll downhill. He was having a hard time with the push back up the hill so another man came to help out. They got her turned enough so she could coast downhill and the two men exchanged some remarks....probably about women drivers but certainly about people from Mexico City.

Now our cab driver has to turn up another even more steep two-way but really one-way street and his clutch was slipping so he had to coast back down to the bottom and give it another run. This time we were able to climb, and climb, and climb up to the ridge where the Vista Real is located.

Oh, my, what a view of the city and the sunset. Lots of great music including entertainment by Niall and some of his Irish friends with a banjo and Irish songs.

The wedding Saturday night was in the Instituto Allende. The bride was radiant, the decorations were beautiful, the dinner was excellent and the atmosphere could not have been more perfect. Everyone seemed to have on their dancing shoes.

I'll tell you, I loved every second of these parties but we got in bed late both nights and today I'm tired. Still I'm so glad to have been a part of seeing these two wonderful people get married.

Darlene and Niall, congratulations and best wishes for many, many happy years together.

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