Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Busy Times

It seems like a lot is going on in our world. We've had house guests. My husband's sister, Betty and her husband, Jim. I decided to use the Lensbaby on the camera this weekend while they were here. We picked them up at the Leon airport on Wednesday and it was non-stop after that. They have been here before but we always have something new to show them. This visit was the first time we made it over to Dolores Hidalgo.....which of course meant that we had to eat comida at Vicente's. Jim thought that was the "Best."
Our friends Barry and Tracy invited us to a party. I've said before that Tracy knows how to give a party and she can put food on the table in what seems to be an effortless fashion. This time Jess, their son was the grill chef and we had grilled salmon and grilled vegetables along with lots of other platters of goodies. I always enjoy talking with Tracy's Mom, June who has been living in San Miguel and painting for the last six months. Can you believe the woman will be 80 this year. She is on the go all the time, a wonderful painter, and a lively conversationalist.

Betty and Jim left on Sunday but while they were here we were out on the town and tried as many restaurants as we could fit in. I think they will be back before too long.

The day after they left we went to a dinner party at Dianne and Tom's. Excellent dinner but again the conversation made the evening. Some lively discussions about oil prices. One train of thought from a Houstonian and someone who had lived in Saudi for over 20 years and the other from Oregonians.

By Tuesday I was very happy to get back into my kitchen and serve dinner on the patio.

I'm still behind on my work. I haven't processed all the images I'm interested in from Good Friday, plus others that I've taken since then. I did managed to get to Yoga on Monday. Yoga is good for my body and my mental health.

And people ask what we do with our time in San Miguel.

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Deb said...

Mmmm....Vicentes! You're making my mouth water.