Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tonight's Menu

The working menu for dinner tonight........but I still haven't been shopping so I'm never sure if I can find my ingredients. But not to worry, the rack of lamb and wild rice are in hand already.

Melon and prosciutto
Roasted beets on red-tip lettuce with toasted pecans and blue cheese
Rack of Lamb
Wild rice with mushrooms, onion and garlic
Creamy ricotta and orange tart

Stay tuned. I'll report back during the day on what I find in the market and on the preparations.


Don said...

Billie, Can I ask where you found the rack of lamb? Nice to see you are keeping your blog well up to date. I am afraid mine suffers from my lazyness and other distraction in town.

BillieS said...

Don, we had just returned to SMA and brought the racks of lamb with us from the States. I don't know why Costco in Queretaro doesn't have Australian lamb like they do in the States. Might be some Mexico/Australian import thing.