Tuesday, March 28, 2006

First Day Back

Drifting between sleep and awake
Pale light in the sky
Roosters crowing
And crowing and crowing
Soon sparrows have chimed in
Fluttering from leaf to leaf
Sun is warming the patio
Flooding in the windows

Walk across cobblestones and up
Past the man leading a donkey
Milk cans tied to his sides
Past fushia bouganvillea
Spilling over raw umber walls
Under sky so blue, so crisp blue
The light is crystal

A new restaurant on Orizaba
New street lights in the colonia
More construction on Allende
Road work on Prolongation Refugio
A wedding party across the street
Espino's grocery the same
El Tomate's produce invites plans for dinner
Street visits with Carrie and Deb
Time passes swiftly but gently
Quickly connected with San Miguel again

A siesta across the bed
The lugustrum tree outside the window has grown
Bedroom? Treehouse?
Treehouse? Bedroom?
Today, a treehouse

My little kitchen
Basket piled high
Mangos, serranos, tomatoes, oranges, broccoli
Perfume of cilantro
Onion and garlic sauteing
Satisfaction of creating food for friends

On the terrace
Drinks with Dianne, Tom, Meg and Dick
Spread out across the mountainside, the town
Setting sun reflecting on the buildings
Another Meg arrives
More conversation
Dianne, Tom, Meg and Dick move on with other plans
Dinner with Meg
Lingering over the dinner table
It grows late

That was the first day back in San Miguel de Allende

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Sounds wonderful to be back.
We, on the other hand are getting ready to leave. I think that we will experience culture shock on our return to Canada.
Think it will be strange to be hearing english all the time.