Saturday, March 18, 2006

Nuevo Laredo's Struggle with Drug Smugglers

Four Mexican under-cover Federal Drug Agents were gunned down in Nuevo Laredo this week after they discovered a "safe" house used by one of the drug cartels that are trying to control the drug traffic through the city.

We've been hearing about the "War on Drugs" for years. We don't seem to be winning and neither does our neighbor to the South.

I sometimes write about the news but I generally don't editorialize but last night we watched a History Channel program about moonshine and prohibition. No matter what the government did, the smugglers and bootleggers were one step ahead. Until prohibition was overturned, it funneled money to the Mafia and we had no control over liquor. So this morning as I read more of the news about the drug cartels and their fights along the border I'm think I'm beginning to side with the "radicals" who want to make drugs legal and control them like liquor/alcohol is controlled.

Yes, I know that meth and cocaine are destroying the lives of many of our young people. Still, the current approach isn't stopping it either.

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